Saturday 11th May 2pm
Refreshments will be served

In connection with the opening of the exhibition Whileaway, Kunsthall Oslo and Torpedo Bookshop present an artist’s talk, screenings of three essential works you will otherwise never see, and the launch of the Oslo artist platform FRANK’s first publication.


Marnie Slater, Liz Allan, Clare Noonan and Rachel O’Neill – All the Cunning Stunts. Marnie Slater, one of the artists exhibiting in Whileaway, will be joined by her collaborators Liz Allan and Clare Noonan to present their publishing project ‘All the Cunning Stunts’.

Frances StarkStructures That Fit My Opening and Other Parts Considered in Relation to Their Whole (25 min, 2006)
“If you never see another PowerPoint presentation in your life, you should make an exception for this one” (Dominic Eichler, Frieze #106, April 2007)

Jean GenetUn Chant D’Amour (20 min, 1950)
Genet’s only film was never conventionally released, banned in the US and not presented to UK censors until 1992. Genet later disowned it as ‘not sufficiently violent’, but it is now also considered to be ‘a revolutionary vision of emancipation through sensuality’ (Slant magazine, 2007).

Mariah GarnettEncounters I May Or May Not Have Had With Peter Berlin (20 min, 2012)
Mariah Garnett’s tribute segues from her drag play as 1970s icon Peter Berlin to footage that she and Berlin shot with the same type of camera he used four decades ago. The film guides the viewer through the process of making contact with a figure who otherwise exists only in his own photographs.

FRANKPostscript on Curing Normality. Publication launch.
The second FRANK publication, Postscript on Curing Normality, recounts the film and speaker series Curing Normality, marking the 40th anniversary of the decriminalization of male homosexuality in Norway. Postscript on Curing Normality features a talk given by Gerd Brantenberg, an introduction by Sille Storihle and archival footage tracing “homosexual life” in Norway since 1972. Postscript on Curing Normality is edited by Sille Storihle and designed by Nell May.