Studio Report #6: Calle Segelberg

16th-18th October 2020 12-5pm
Opening Thursday 15th October 6-8pm

NB The opening of this exhibition has been cancelled due to coronavirus regulations. The show will be open as normal Friday-Sunday 12-5pm.

The final show in our Studio Reports series – titled Many places have no odour nowadays – presents new work by the painter Calle Segelberg.

Segelberg’s latest series uses a repeated motif to explore questions of illusory space, figure and ground. The compositions are structured as a series of interwoven flat layers, with a depthless perspective that seems to push parts of the image off the canvas and into the room. The banal, even arbitrary nature of the figures – a series of studies of a chair which, it seems, could not have been drawn from life – serves to foreground the games they play with representation and reality.

Calle Segelberg, born in Stockholm 1990, lives and works in Oslo. He recently took part in the exhibition Bouquet at Caravan, Oslo (2020) and held a solo exhibition at Destiny’s, Oslo in 2019. Segelberg received his MFA from the Oslo National Academy of Arts in 2018.

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