Studio Report #5: Nathalie Fuica Sanchez

9th-11th October 2020 12-5pm
Please join us for the opening Thursday 8th October 6-8pm

Studio Report #5 presents Nathalie Fuica Sanchez. Sanchez works with sculpture, painting and installation, and her free and associative approach is not tied to a particular material, medium or style. From the many projects currently taking shape in her studio, Sanchez has chosen to exhibit a new series of works in acrylic paint on canvas. The canvas is sewn and padded into figurative, symbolic forms – a sun with closed eyes, a river, a flower – before being painted, so the final objects are part sculpture, part painting, and part quilt.

Sanchez describes these finished works as “gestures of care”. Discussing her piece River Man – a decorative textile floor or wall piece, cold blue on one side – she tells a story about the Slovenian long-distance swimmer, Martin Strel. As a child, Sanchez explains, Strel once escaped his violent father by jumping into the river outside his house, and he has felt safe in the water ever since.

Nathalie Fuica Sanchez has a BA in Ceramics (2015) and MFA in Fine Art (2019) from the Oslo National Academy of Arts.

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