Studio Report #3: Agatha Wara

25.-27. september 2020 kl. 12-17
Velkommen til åpning torsdag 24. september kl. 18-20

Studio Report #3 presents the work of Agatha Wara, a Bolivian-American artist currently based in Oslo. For Kunsthall Oslo, Wara has written her autobiography, titled Llorona de Panama after the weeping phantom of Latin American legend. The book is printed in the palm-sized quadragesimo-octavo format and published in an edition of thirty-nine copies. Wara will read aloud from the book for visitors at various times during the exhibition.

“The book appears immediately, at once, complete, characterized by a succession of short texts – thoughts, nothing less mundane – with disconnected protagonists who seem to change on almost every page and tell stories that are sometimes incomprehensible, sequenced according to alogical criteria, with abrupt and sudden changes and returns, over 560 pages, the number of times a rejection takes place in a dream.”

Wara graduated from the MFA programme at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2018. She is currently working on a novel to be premiered at the new Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in 2021.

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24-27th September: Agatha Wara
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