Learn screenprinting at a workshop in Vaterlandsparken with Kunsthall Oslo and Silketrykkets Venner.

Tuesday 29th September 2020 11:00-17:00
Vaterlandsparken, Oslo

Free and open to all between 13 and 18.
Sign up by email to workshop@kunsthalloslo.no

Artist Jon Benjamin Tallerås will lead the workshop, which will begin with a walk through the city from Tøyen to Grønland, collecting object, images, ideas and motifs on the way.

Back at Vaterlandsparken this material will be used as the basis for creating compositions which will be printed on t-shirts and textiles. Workshop participants will be introduced to and take part in the whole process of production and printing, and will keep what they make.

This workshop is funded by Bymiljøetaten and Bydel Gamle Oslo.