Exhibition open 18th-20th September 12-5pm
Opening Thursday 17th September 6-8pm

Studio Reports is a series of very fast solo presentations, one per week for six weeks, of artwork that is being made now, in and around Oslo.

Next in the series is Ask Bjørlo. Bjørlo studied weaving at the Friends of Handicraft School in Stockholm [Handarbetets Vänner Skola] and the Kawashima Textile School, Kyoto before completing his MFA at the Oslo National Academy of Art and Design in 2019. For Studio Reports he has moved a loom into the gallery at Kunsthall Oslo, where he will continue working on a new series of improvised weavings.

In this presentation it is possible to appreciate the loom itself as sculpture and to see the act of weaving as a performance but, unlike in the typical open studio situation, the working process will not be compromised for the audience. The design of the loom – where the newly woven cloth is taken up on a roller to maintain tension in the threads – means that the finished motif is not visible and the work vanishes from sight as soon as it is created. It is this experience of working ‘blind’ that the audience is invited to share.

Please join us for the openings of the Studio Reports series every Thursday at 6pm:

10-13th September: Ronak Moshtaghi
17-20th September: Ask Bjørlo
24-27th September: Agatha Wara
1st-4th October: Espen Kvålsvoll
8-11th October: Nathalie Fuica Sanchez
15-18th October: Calle Segelberg

NB: from 10th September-18th October our opening hours are : Thursday 6-8pm, Friday-Sunday 12-5pm, Monday-Wednesday closed.

Studio Reports is supported by Arts Council Norway.