and book launch: Grand Complications – Andrea Bakketun
Sunday 16th August 1-3pm
Free entry, refreshments will be served.

Apichaya Wanthiang, Lina Viste Grønli, Marte Johnslien, Nora Joung, Herman Mbamba, Richard Alexandersson, Christian Tony Norum, Andrea Bakketun, Olav Ringdal, Elise Storsveen, Hilmar Fredriksen, Goutam Ghosh, Anna Daniell, Eirik Senje, Siri Aurdal, Bente Sætrang, Bjørn Mortensen, Per Inge Bjørlo, Serina Erfjord, Jan Freuchen, Tyra Tingleff, Dag Erik Elgin, Mercedes Mühleisen, Johannes Engelsen Espedal, Siri Hjorth & Sebastian M. Kjølaas, Mads Andreas Andreassen, Jorunn Hancke Øgstad, Ida Madsen Følling and Markus Li Stensrud.

Kunsthall Oslo
Rostockgata 2-4 0191 Oslo

The final day of A Collective Chaosmos at Kunsthall Oslo is marked by further branching of the chaosmotic root system: the launch of Andrea Bakketun’s book Grand Complications. Though this is the last opportunity to see the exhibition in the material world, A Collective Chaosmos is truly a cycle without beginning or end.

During the book launch Bakketun and the artist Hannah Mjølsnes will be on hand to offer visitors tea made from the medicinal plant mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) along with an intimate tour of the exhibition and introduction to the book. Numbers will be limited for each tour, which will last about 30 minutes.

The book Grand Complications presents a site-specific research and exhibition project which took place over a calendar year in and around the Old Rommen School in Oslo. A network of DIY sensors registered subtle and unexpected changes in the natural environment. The sensor data was translated and made tangible as movements in kinetic objects, as well as audio and video works inside the former school buildings. Several invited artists, writers and researchers contributed to the project with exhibitions, lectures, readings, tea ceremonies, a tattoo studio, and a childrens’ workshop.

As well as a diverse selection of images, the book contains correspondence between Bakketun and her collaborator, the biologist Peter Roessingh; the transcription of an audio guide by Hannah Mjølsnes; a text by Andreas Schlaegel; a lecture by Roessingh; presentations of the various events, and a project diary.

A Collective Chaosmos is a total installation comprising new works by thirty artists. The project was conceived by the Oslo-based artists Ida Madsen Følling and Markus Li Stensrud, developed in collaboration with Kunsthall Oslo, and funded by Arts Council Norway.

Grand Complications was supported by the Visual Artists Remuneration Fund, Arts Council Norway and the City of Oslo.