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Seminar: Can you make contemporary art for kids?

5th March 13.00-18.30
Rostockgata 2-4
Note: this seminar will be primarily held in Norwegian/Swedish/Danish.

Kunsthall Oslo presents the seminar Can you make contemporary art for kids? where the question will be considered from social, culture-political, aesthetic and practical perspectives, with contributions from Eirik Sæther, Are Mokkelbost, Helen Eriksen, Rolf Engelsen (Arts Council Norway) & Maria Lind. Ruben Steinum will moderate the debate.

At a time when the arts are being marginalised in schools, when cultural production implies a business model and art institutions are part of the experience economy, perhaps paradoxically there is also an increased focus on art exhibitions aimed at children. It seems appropriate to ask what we are doing, and why.

In connection with this seminar we are very pleased to host the launch of the book The New Model: An Inquiry, edited by Maria Lind and Lars Bang Larsen and published by Sternberg Press

Supported by Arts Council Norway.

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