Seminar: Coming Together

Seminar fredag 14. februar kl. 13-16
Rostockgata 2-4

As part of the current project Coming Together at Kunsthall Oslo, we are please to present an afternoon seminar on the question How should independent artists organise?

The seminar will compare the histories of several different artists’ groups with contrasting contexts, motivations and organisational forms, with presentations from Hanan Benammar (Vandaler forening, Oslo), Fadlabi and Karin Erixon (Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, Oslo), Anders Holen (Tidens krav, Oslo) and Helen Zeru and Robel Temesgen (Coming Together project, Addis Ababa) and Skype contributions from Tsige Tafesse (By Us For Us, Brooklyn), Elizabeth Giorgis (author of the book Modernist Art in Ethiopia) and Farid Rakun (Ruangrupa, Jakarta).

In discussion, the invited contributors and the audience will be invited to reflect on future demands, desires and strategies for survival for independent artists’ groups and spaces.

Admission is free, coffee available, food and drinks will be served afterwards.