30th November – 21st December 2019
Dronning Eufemias gate 34

Kunsthall Oslo is pleased to present Kunsthall Oslo’s Christmas Vacation! A holiday spectacular, in operation from 30th November-21st December and featuring artworks, artists’ editions and select pieces of Norwegian design.

Join us and our co-hosts 8392 to kick off the holiday season on Saturday 30th November at 19:00. Merriment! And performances by three spirit guides from Xmas past, present and future, played by the artists Kirsty Kross, Abby Lloyd (NY) and Anahita Alebouyeh.

Kunsthall Oslo’s Christmas Vacation! features a beautiful selection of gifts, goods and merch made by over 30 artists and designers from in and around Oslo’s contemporary art scene, and each week we will spotlight a different maker with a workshop in the space.


Sign up and additional info about the programme here!


Nov 30 – Dec 4
HAiK w/ invites outsourcing – to you. Join The Factory – a production line that depends on collaboration, a participatory production in which the consumer takes part. You pay for the materials, the time, the learning, and get paid back for your time and effort. An instructor and a floor manager will be in place to help lead the work, no prior knowledge required.

This first drop-in factory is focused on shirt production. Unlike in a regular factory, you choose your own color and material on the shirt’s details. The product can be purchased at various stages from cut garment parts to finished shirt.

Dec 5 – 12
Week two Tove Sivertsen (the woman behind Tableau Shop) takes over the space. Tove has invited Karen Von Pederstad from Bukett to sell Xmas-ready bouquets and the artist Marthe Elise Stramrud to bring her hand-made ceramics.

Dec 13 – 20
From Friday 13th December the textile printing company 10/10 will have their week in the spotlight, collaborating with ten different artists to make limited edition garments and objects. After the opening there will be a party at Bruket in Schweigaards gate 34c with DJ Ida Engelhardt.

“Hjelp det er Julemarked” is curated and produced by artist Victoria Duffee alongside Kunsthall Oslo!