Atlantic Wall (1-3), 2008

Lørdag 1. oktober
kl. 12-17

«In his documentary portrayals of historic military edifices in the process of transformation to the condition of ruins, Engh shows us the erosion of power and the stratified nature of history. But first and foremost his works home in on a connection between power and weaponry on the one hand and the individual gaze on the other.»

Marius Enghs siste utstillinger inkluderer My Target Is Your Eyes, Galleria Gentili, Prati, Italy; An Aggregation of Adversary, Layr Wustenhagen Contemporary, Vienna, Austria ; Time Has Turned Into Space And There Will Be No More Time, Till I Get Out Of Here, STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo, Norway ; Marius Engh, Landings Art Space, Vestfossen og Center of the World, Preus Museum, Horten.
Marius Engh er født 1974 i Oslo. Bor og arbeider i Berlin. Altlantic Wall (1-3) er utlånt fra STANDARD (OSLO).