Unge Pionerer
9th May-19th June 2015
Opening 8th May 7pm

Norges Pionerforbund was a youth organisation with strong connections to the Communist Party of Norway, founded in the inter-war years on the model of the Soviet All-Union Pioneer Organisation. Similar in many ways to the Scouting movement, members socialised, learned practical skills and attended summer camps within a definite ideological framework. In 1952 the organisation become the Unge Pionerer, and through the 1960s and 1970s moved away from its strict Communist roots, though it remained strongly linked to the broader Norwegian Socialist movement.

A small selection of documents, photographs and artefacts from the movement will be on display alongside the exhibition Young Pioneers, in what is perhaps the first presentation of archive material from Norges Pionerforbund and the Unge Pionerer.

Kunsthall Oslo would like to thank Runa Evensen, Lajla Lind, Tanja Bjarkøy and the Arbeiderbevegelsens arkiv for their kind assistance with this presentation.