Høyt og Lavt

High and Low
August 3rd and 4th 2012
Performances from 7pm. Free.High and Low is a festival of improvised music curated by Guro S. Moe and Jon Wesseltoft. Now in its third year, it is taking place at Kunsthall Oslo for the first time this summer. The programme brings together new constellations of musicians who come from very different backgrounds, but have in common a sense of curiosity and an experimental approach to sound.Friday 3rd August from 7pm

Viviana Vega/Agnes Hvizdalek
 – Drums meet voice.
John Hegre – Noisemaker from Bergen.
Espen Ursin/Fredrik Ness Sevendal – Viola and guitar meltdown.
DOGUN – Psychedelic noise. Dag Erik Knedal Andersen/Guro S Moe/Jon Wesseltoft.

Saturday 4th August from 7pm

kÖöK + Astrid Groseth – Guitar vs. dance.
Dag Stiberg/Kristoffer Alberts/Jørgen Mathisen – Saxmomentum.
Håvard Skaset – Solo guitar.
Tony Blomdahl/Harald Fetveit/Kjetil Hanssen
 – Noise trio.