Summer exhibition: TAKE IT OFF

Please join us for the opening of our summer exhibition “TAKE IT OFF” on Friday 21st June 6-8pm!⁠ The exhibition is open 22nd June-18th August 2024 (closed 1st July-6th August)⁠.

Kunsthall Oslo is very pleased to present this year’s summer exhibition TAKE IT OFF, featuring new works by 31 young artists aged 15-26. All of the artworks in the exhibition were selected via open submission, in an anonymous process modelled on the well-known Høstutstillingen at Kunstnernes hus.

About the exhibition, the jury say “Take It Off, which is a reference to n95 by Kendrick Lamar, is about breaking the facade that society asks us to maintain, and seeing the brutal reality.”

Anna Nordheim Berg⁠
Evelina Valentina⁠
Rasmus Drastrup⁠
Kanum Hovland⁠
Miro Arif⁠
Sander Berg⁠
Sara Frammarsvik Andersen⁠
Anastacia Mala⁠
June Kittelsen⁠
Synne Bøe⁠
Ruben Alexander Soon⁠
Selma Wold⁠
Tomine Mykland⁠
Jill Mendez⁠
Stanislav Bagdia⁠
Maria Mogens Bø⁠
Hedvig Aannestad Iost⁠
Jan Bjørneboe⁠
Hannah Ponterius⁠
Sunniva Wyller⁠
Nasha Perez⁠
Adam Zedan⁠
Leandro Munch⁠
Maria Grazia Ines Habiyambere⁠
Yasmin Kenediid Jama⁠
Sofia Khadzhinova⁠
Lucia Lützow⁠
Mateo Tilrem⁠
Marvin Agire⁠
Sakib Saboor⁠

Exhibition jury:⁠
Hamda Barise (coordinator)⁠
Andrew Bulongo Ntumba⁠
Leonora Mederos Winsnes⁠
Naomi Medina Fadlabi Scharling⁠
Haakon Molde⁠
San San Dinh⁠


This exhibition is part of the ongoing project The Oslo Art and Knowledge Workshop, initiated by Kunsthall Oslo and organised in collaboration with Agenda X and Ung Info. The project’s long term aim is create new opportunities for young people from less privileged backgrounds to participate in the production of contemporary art and culture. The Oslo Art and Knowledge Workshop is supported by Arts Council Norway and the DNB Savings Bank Foundation. Kunsthall Oslo is supported by the Norwegian Department of Culture and the City of Oslo.

Exhibition poster: Haakon Molde