The Dark Room – Morten Andersen and Maria Pasenau

Opening Friday 24th November 7-9pm / Open 25th November 2023-14th January 2024
Closed for Xmas 19th Dec-3rd Jan

The Dark Room is a unique cross-generational collaboration between two of Norway’s best-known contemporary photographic artists, initiated by the artists themselves on the basis of a mutual appreciation for each others work and a growing awareness of their common interests and inspirations. Photography as a practice is always concerned with time. In the case of Andersen and Pasenau, the temporal interval and artistic generation that separates them also contains a total revolution in the technology of image production and distribution. The idea of photography as a craft, and of the photograph as an event, connected to certain times, places or people, has been replaced by the sense that images are omnipresent, part of the flow of our online experience. The Dark Room project represents a deliberate step away from this flow, out of the city, off the net, out of the space of simultaneous representation, and back into time.

Morten Andersen (born Akershus, 1965) began to photograph the Norwegian music scene as a teenager in the 1980s. He was included in Fotogalleriet’s “New Generation” exhibition in 1989 and held his first solo show there two years later. Since then he has taken part in over sixty exhibitions and published almost thirty books. As a journalistic photographer he has created a documentary archive of national significance; as an artist his work has been recognised by curators and collectors from Tokyo to New York, and throughout his career he has creatively blurred the distinction between the two disciplines.

Maria Pasenau (born Mjøndalen, 1994) studied at the Norwegian School of Photography in Trondheim. Some of her recent solo exhibitions include «Whit Kind Regrets Pasenau» (2018, Makeriet, Malmø, Sweden), «Pasenau and the Devil» (2019, Fotogalleriet, Oslo), «THE HOPLESNESS OF BEEING ALIVE» (2020, Litteratursymposiet, Odda) and «The Gender Orchestra» (2021, Salonul de proiecte, Romania). In 2018 Pasenau published her first photo book «Whit Kind Regrets Pasenau», and in 2019 in connection with her exhibition at Fotogalleriet, she published her second photo book «Pasenau and the Devil» and in 2020 her third book «The Hoplesness Of Beeing Alive». She is one of the youngest artists to have work acquired by the Norwegian National Museum for their permanent collection.

The Dark Room is supported by the Fritt Ord Foundation and BKV.