Anette Gellein – Love and Greed and Pain and Lust

Opening and performance Friday 6th October 7-9pm / Exhibition open 7th-15th October

For their first Oslo exhibition, Anette Gellein presents a new film installation together with a live performance. Gellein’s new works are like love songs which have passed through the looking glass, where familiar romantic motifs are bent into extravagant new forms: Romeo and Juliet becoming flaming creatures dancing for a demon; a flower wilts into previously unimagined forms of decay.

Anette Gellein (b.1995) is a multi-media artist working with video, sound, text, images, drawing, performance and textiles. Their work often comes together in immersive installations combining different mediums. Graduated with a masters from Glasgow School of Art specialising in performance in 2019 and is currently based in Stavanger, Norway. Previous studies include a BA from Nordland Art- and Film school in 2017. This project is curated by Mike Sperlinger and supported by Arts Council Norway.