Autumn exhibitions

Jon Benjamin Tallerås / Marie Cole / Anette Gellein / Melissa Gordon

Jon Benjamin Tallerås – To Reclaim Lost Futures + Footnotes
Opening and book launch Friday 8th September 7-9pm / Exhibition open 9th-17th September
An exhibition of new work and the launch of the artist’s book Footnotes, published by Multipress. In common with much of Jon Benjamin’s practice, Footnotes explores the relationship between the individual and the urban environment, and in particular the city of Oslo. On Friday 15th September 4-6pm, there will be a city walk and artist’s talk taking in some of the locations discussed in the book, further details to be announced. The Kunsthall Oslo gallery will be closed to the public on Friday 15th September in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike.

Marie Cole
Opening Friday 22nd September 7-9pm / Exhibition open 23rd September-1st October
Cole’s exhibition will combine recent collaged, appliqued and upholstered hanging textile works from her project “Sensate Flow” at Studio17 in Stavanger, with new pieces produced specifically for Kunsthall Oslo in collective workshop sessions. The Sensates are a science fictional species imagined by Cole, in the tradition of Octavia Butler’s Oankali, to counter stereotypical portrayals of black female bodies. For Bjørvika Art Night on September 29th, Kunsthall Oslo will stay open 5-7pm with a discussion and collective braiding workshop led by the artist.

Anette Gellein – Love and Pain and Greed and Lust
Opening and performance Friday 6th October 7-9pm / Exhibition open 7th-15th October
For their first Oslo exhibition, Anette Gellein presents a new film installation together with a live performance. Gellein’s new works are like love songs which have passed through the looking glass, where familiar romantic motifs are bent into extravagant new forms: Romeo and Juliet becoming flaming creatures dancing for a demon; a flower wilts into previously unimagined forms of decay

Melissa Gordon – Vital Signs
Opening and book launch Friday 20th October / Exhibition open 21st-29th October
In conjunction with the launch of a new book on her work, also titled Vital Signs, Melissa Gordon will present an exhibition of new paintings set in an installation environment that refers to specific histories, in particular histories of significant female artists and the ways in which a historically patriarchal art world has misallocated both space and attention.