Everything Was Cool Once

24th June-13th August 2023 (closed 11th-31st July)
Please join us for the opening Friday 23rd June 6-8pm!

Kunsthall Oslo is very pleased to present our Summer Exhibition 2023: Everything Was Cool Once, with new work by sixteen young artists. All of the artworks in the exhibition were selected via open submission for artists aged 15-26, in an anonymous process modelled on the well-known Høstutstillingen at Kunstnernes hus.

About the show, the exhibition jury writes: Everything Was Cool Once is about life as a network of many small moments that come together in your memory.

“You recall the world
And the people around you
Always changing
What mattered
The ones who came and went
And those who were always there
Home is a place you remember
The familiar things you longed for
Even as you had to leave.”


Dina Almakhrami
Jonathan Danzer
Anna Kildetoft
Melissa Camargo Johansen
August Sebastian Albert Berntsen
Olav Hylland
Luis Emilio Marroquin
Leandro Munch
Helin Sado
Einar Larsen
Maria H. Thomsen
Hedvig Lost
Vilde Andresen
Maja Ja Jansen
Lidiya Solomon
Sakib Saboor

Exhibition jury:
Hamda Barise (juryleder)
Hanan Seid
Jørgen Eide
Lian Biglari
Abdirahmaan Hasan
Saiida Mohamud

This exhibition is part of the ongoing project The Oslo Art and Knowledge Workshop, initiated by Kunsthall Oslo and organised in collaboration with Agenda X and Forandringshuset. The project’s long term aim is create new opportunities for young people from less privileged backgrounds to participate in the production of contemporary art and culture. The Oslo Art and Knowledge Workshop is supported by Arts Council Norway and the DNB Savings Bank Foundation. Kunsthall Oslo is supported by the Norwegian Department of Culture, the City of Oslo, HAV Eiendom and Oslo S Utvikling.

Image: Helin Sado