No Demands – Reader

No Demands – An exhibition reader compiled by niilas helander.

The Society of Enmity – Achille Mbembe
Rethinking the apocalypse: An indigenous anti-futurist manifesto
A Poltergeist Manifesto – Billy-Ray Belcourt
Getting Rid of the Distinction Between the Aesthetic and the Political – Ariella Azoulay
Decolonization is not a metaphor – Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang
The Philosophy of the Gift and Sami Education – Rauna Kuokkanen
What’s Normative Got To Do With It? – Jodi A. Byrd
Destitution and Creation: Agamben’s Messianic Gesture – Kieran Aarons
Let’s Talk About Class and Art – Mike Watson
Invisible Fences: Egalitarianism, Nationalism and Racism – Marianne Gullestad
Science Fiction Futuresand (Re)visions of the Anthropocene – Julia D. Gibson and Kyle Powys Whyte
The Deatnu Agreement: a contemporary wall of settler colonialism – Rauna Kuokkanen
Trolldomssak mot en samisk noaide – Anders Poulsen
Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom – Sylvia Wynter

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Links and further reading:

essays and articles
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Asad Haider
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poetry & poetix
WE Poem by Ghayath Almadhoun
Joy Harjo Lionel Fogarty
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Sean Bonney on Anna Mendelssohn
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