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Meet our new youth board

The youth board at Kunsthall Oslo consists of nine creative members who are employed to help Kunsthall Oslo reach young people. They will plan activities and workshops, and will be the curators of an exhibition that opens in summer 2021.

Hamda Barise (17) lives in Bjørndal and attends Bjerke high school. Hamda is a dancer and is involved in activities at the youth centre Agenda X. In addition to dance, she is inspired by fashion, art and poetry. She believes that to reach young people is not about throwing yourself after the latest trends, but about dialogue and creating spaces for people to meet.

Mohamed Bashir (20) lives in Tøyen and studies art mediation at OsloMet. He is interested in how to convey art to other young people. Mohamed is into fashion, photography, drawing and skateboarding, and has previously been a skateboard instructor. Now he is in the process of starting his own clothing brand.

Julian Brito-Benestad (17) lives in Gamlebyen and attends Elvebakken high school. He is interested in fashion and clothing design, and especially enjoys working with screen printing. Julian has been involved in projects to develop “Plakathuset” in Grønland and neighbourhood mapping in the Bjørvika area.

Hamza Iqbal (21) lives in Tøyen and studies IT at Kristiania University College. Hamza is interested in travel, fashion, art and photography. He also loves to draw. Gamle Oslo, the district where he grew up, has a special place in his heart, and he is interested in how art can contribute to the neighbourhood.

Sumaya Ali Isse (19) lives in Tøyen. She is interested in creative writing, and enjoys reading and drawing. She is also interested in science and physics, and believes creativity is important in science and other innovative industries. Sumaya draws a lot of inspiration from Somali storytelling, and wants to share this tradition with others.

Nabila Mohamed (18) lives in Torshov and attends Hellerud high school. Nabila loves to surround herself with art and colours, and has an eye for fashion. She is interested in dance, photography and music. Nabila has been part of several projects at the youth centre Forandringshuset Grønland.

Saiida Mohamud (16) lives in Bygdøy and attends Edvard Munch high school. Saiida is interested in dance, poetry, slam, and art in many other forms. She is passionate about anti-racism, and contributes to this cause through Agenda X.

Philippa Taube (18) lives in Sogn and attends Edvard Munch high school. She enjoys writing lyrics, singing and dancing. Philippa has been involved in several projects at Forandringshuset Grønland, and is interested art and creative expressions can be a way to develop and build self-confidence.

Josra Talhioui (16) lives in Tøyen and attends Kuben high school. She is interested in making creative activities for young people, and is really into screen printing. Josra is a coach for Sterling sports club, and she has previously been involved in a project for neighbourhood mapping in the Bjørvika area.

The youth board at Kunsthall Oslo is part of the project Oslo Art and Knowledge Workshop. The project is a collaboration with Agenda X and Forandringshuset Grønland, with support from Arts Council Norway, Sparebankstiftelsen, Bergesenstiftelsen and Fritt Ord. Read more about the project here.

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