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Banner workshop #We Still Can’t Breathe!

Welcome to the Tax Haven


Online conference: Collectivity and Contexts for Action / On artist-run culture in the Nordic region

The Loneliness of the Index Finger (Part II)/Consensus Image

Workshop: silketrykk i høstferien

A Collective Chaosmos – finissage

Seminar: Can you make contemporary art for kids?

Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Seminar: Coming Together

Addis Ababa: Spatial Readings

Performances by Kirsty Kross, Abby Lloyd, Anahita Alebouyeh and Ninni Nyhus

Kunsthall Oslo’s Christmas Vacation

CHOPWORLD featuring UrBororo and Brugd

Gisele Vienne – JERK

Rostockgata Sculpture Park

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