Ingrid Torvund – Under Earth

15. mars – 28. april 2019
Åpning fredag 15. mars kl. 18
Rostockgata 2-4
0191 Oslo

Kunsthall Oslo is very pleased to present the premiere of Ingrid Torvund’s new film «I Found You Under Earth Under Blood» (2019), completing a trilogy that began with «Magic Blood Machine» (2012) and continued with «When I Go Out I Bleed Magic» (2015). «Under Earth» at Kunsthall Oslo presents the complete trilogy for the very first time, alongside a large selection of related sculptures and props.

In these works Torvund creates a personal mythology, rooted in the natural landscapes of Telemark and the mixture of Christian and pre-Christian mysticism that can be traced in magic and folklore, but assimilating these influences in a completely unique, idiosyncratic vision. Ingrid Torvund’s macabre short films draw on her interest in folk tales, the occult and science fiction. The films were shot in West Telemark in Norway, an area known for folk music, storytelling and old churches where, as the artist explains, ‘pagan and Christian symbols exist side by side.’

The films were made in partnership with Jonas Mailand, who was responsible for filming and development of ideas. The music is composed by Jan Erik Mikalsen and Martin Langlie.

Ingrid Torvund (b.1985) graduated with a BA from the Oslo Academy of the arts in 2012.Torvunds previous solo exhibitions include Kurant in Tromsø, Kunsthall Grenland, Spriten Kunsthall, Rom for kunst at Oslo central station and gallery Soft in Oslo. She has also been part of group exhibitions at Kunsthall Oslo, Southbank Centre in London, Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall and Forbundet Frie Fotografer in Oslo. She has been twice included in Høstutstillingen – the annual National Art Exhibition. Ingrid Torvund works are represented in the col-lection of the Municipality of Oslo and Kiasma in Finland.