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18. november 2017-21. januar 2018
Kunsthall  Oslo
Rostockgata 2-4
Åpning fredag 17. november kl.19-21.30

Kunsthall Oslo is very pleased to invite you to the alternate reality of The Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art. Come and see, for a short time only! fantastic artworks – sculpture, paintings, drawings, photographs, film, performance – by a hundred artists who have lived or worked in the city of Oslo over the past fifty years, but who are not represented in the collection of Norway’s National Museum. The show offers an overview of the currently vibrant Oslo art scene, as well as a salute to the many venues and platforms that have contributed to the diverse, experimental and international history of art in Oslo over the last half century.

Of course, the Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art does not exist. Should it be built? In Oslo, there exist several major collections of contemporary art available to the public, but is there a history that these institutions have not represented? How might that history be recorded? Or should artists not care about museums? Could it be that, as Robert Smithson wrote, the function of the curator is to separate art from the rest of society, to work against the artist’s intentions. “Could it be that art exhibitions have become metaphysical junkyards?”


Is this a real museum?
No, it’s not a real museum. Real museums have permanent collections, financial resources, ideological missions, teams of curators and conservators, and vast exhibition spaces. We have none of those things. This is a sketch of an imaginary institution, a starting point from which to think about how art history is made, what collections are for and who makes them, or the difference between a city and a nation. It’s also a pretext to bring together a super-dense concentration of great artworks.

Why this exhibition now?
The Norwegian Museum of Contemporary Art recently closed its doors, as it prepares to reopen in the new National Museum building currently under construction at Vika. We imagine that, like us, you are missing the presence of one of Oslo’s key venues for contemporary art.

Can I buy the artworks in the show?
Very likely. Many of these works are for sale. Maybe you would like to buy them all, take care of them, and begin to build The Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art?

How did you select the artists in the exhibition?
Like any collection, this one is somewhat arbitrary, and definitively incomplete – due to the restrictions of time, space and resources we are only able to assemble a tiny fraction of the artists and works we would wish to represent.

Artists in the show:

Azar Alsharif
Tauba Auerbach
Sigrid Bendz
Ragna Bley
Leonard Borgzinner
Maiken Bent
Maria Brinch
Anja Carr
Tony Conrad
Dans for voksne
Dina Danish
Kebreab Demeke
Jason Dodge
Marte Eknæs
Serina Erfjord
Karin Erixon
Chris Evans
Harald Fetveit
Claire Fontaine
Laura Oldfield Ford
Marthe Ramm Fortun
Ida Madsen Følling
Naum Gabo
Goutam Ghosh
Melissa Gordon
Tatjana Lars Kristian Gulbrandsen
Haik w/
Milumbe Haimbe
Mustafa al-Hallaj
Morten Norbye Halvorsen
Erik Hesselberg
Marius Heyerdahl
Hy Hirsh
Øivin Horvei
Benjamin Huseby
Agnes Hvizdalek
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen
Nora Joung
Gabriel Kvendseth
Lars Laumann
Julio Le Parc
Annea Lockwood
Andreas Lærum
Solveig Lønseth
Tonje Alice Madsen
Jumana Manna
Carl Mannov
Herman Mbamba
Are Mokkelbost
Agnes Moraux
Bjørn Mortensen
Ronak Moshtaghi
Sandra Mujinga
Germain Ngoma
Sandra Vaka Olsen
Linn Pedersen
Urd Pedersen
Greg Pope
Alexander Provan
Prunk Möbel
Eva Rothschild
Issa Samb
Mona Saudi
Janicke Schønning
Eirik Senje
Sexy Boyfriends
Sille Storihle
Jon Benjamin Tallerås
Robel Temesgen
Ayat Tuleubek
Ahmed Umar
Emily Wardill
Earl Wilson
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Icaro Zorbar
Jorunn Hancke Øgstad
Lene Baadsvig Ørmen
m. fl.


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