Sexy Bydel

A performance musical in the Barcode
September 15, 2017, 22:00-23:30
Starting point: Annette Thommessens Plass, by Schweigaardsgate (Skatt Øst)

With performances by:

SEXY BYDEL takes place around the Barcode development in the Bjørvika area of central Oslo. The project uses the area’s current state of transformation as the mise en scène for a musical journey that will take you deep into the heart of the new city. What does the transformation of Oslo’s facade say about the city’s dreams of a new identity? Sexy Bydel is directed by the artist duo Sexy Boyfriends, aka Eirik Slyngstad and Josefin Andersson.

Sexy Boyfriends invites the audience to the project space in Trelastgata 17 for refreshments after the performances. Welcome!

SEXY BYDEL is produced in cooperation with Kunsthall Oslo as part of the program Soft City, with support from Oslo Kommunes Kunstordning, Kulturrådet and KORO/URO.

Per Westerlund (SE) explores notions of innocence and responsibility through acts of spontaneity. His interventions take place in the boundaries between the fields of work and action. He is a forthcoming resident of PRAKSIS and he graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2013.
Kirsty Kross (AU) is currently focusing largely on the attention economy and growing ecological uncertainty. Kross is an artist from Brisbane, Australia who has been based in Oslo since 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of Queensland and a Masters of Art in Context from the Berlin University of the Arts.
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK) uses her body as media and as a tool to make cross-artform works with dancers, musicians, filmmakers and designers.
Sexy Boyfriends (SE/NO) are Eirik M Slyngstad and Josefin Jussi Andersson. Treating text as a catalyst for interventions and musical performances, their work explores formulations of identity through architecture, city planning and its inherent power structures. Sexy Boyfriends have been working together as a duo since 2015.
Anna Daniell (NO) looks at the presentation and representation of sculptural objects. How can objects gain spiritual function and perform as storytellers?
Wunderkind Collective (IS) consists of Bergthora Snaebjornsdottir and Rakel McMahon – a poet/artist duo based in Reykjavik who have been working together since 2011. Their work explores society from the point of view of individual experience. Examining the oscillation between privacy and voyeurism, fondness and fetish, memory and the debris of nostalgia, their work emphasises the human condition as a paradoxical one.
Niels Munk Plum (DK) works between installation, photography, sound and text with the aim of navigating between sincerity and cliché and searching for a harmony within himself. Niels was born in Aarhus, Denmark, and lives and works in Oslo.
Borgen Åndelige Kor (NO) was started by five visual artists residing at the Borgen studio collective, whose motivation was a common need to sing hymns and spiritual songs. The building Borgen was torn down, and today the choir consists of twelve artists, all women, directed by artist and conductor Kristina Bræin.