Marianne Heier – Havet er ikke troløst

Havet er ikke troløst [The ocean is not unfaithful] is a Norwegian language play by the artists Marianne Heier and Marco Vaglier, about what it is like to travel without a return ticket. The play has been commissioned by Kunsthall Oslo for the Deichmanske library at Tøyen.

Performances (free entrance):
Friday November 11th, 19:00
Saturday November 12th, 14:00
Sunday November 13th, 14:00

This project is part of Art in the library – a collaboration between Kunsthall Oslo and Deichmanske library, supported by the Arts Council Norway and URO/KORO. Havet er ikke troløst is part of the extended programme for the Oslo Architecture Trienniale 2016

Actors: Kevin Mbugua, Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa, Irma Vaglieri
Light: Tobias Leira
Music: Per Platou
Script, director: Marianne Heier
Co-director and set design: Marco Vaglieri

Marianne Heier (b. 1969) lives and works in Oslo. She often explores specific institutions ‘from the inside’, presenting the results as performance, text, installation or spacial interventions. Her work can be seen as situated within an institution-critical artistic tradition, where Heier’s position is the result of personal engagement, motivated by personal, lived experience. Her recent works are often collaborations with artists from performative fields, with special interest for choreographic approaches to ideologically charges spaces. Questions related to economy and the circulation of value are central throughout her work, with the inherent power of the gift as a recurrent theme.

Her recent solo exhibitions and commissions include ”Mirage”, produced for National tourist routes (2016), “Open Letter To The City Of Oslo”, Munchmuseet, Oslo (2016), ”Orfeus”, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2013), ”Surplus”, Bergen kunsthall (2012), ”Jamais – Toujours,” Stenersen Museum, Oslo (2010); ”Saga Night”, Maihaugen, Lillehammer (2008); Pioneer, ROM, Oslo (2007); and Waldgänger, KORO, Hammerfest (2008). She has participated in group exhibitions at a number of institutions such as the Henie Onstad Art Centre (2015), the National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design (2008 and 2014), Malmö art museum (2013), Trondheim Art Museum (2013), Kunsthall Oslo (2011); Hiap, Helsinki (2010); Overgaden, Copenhagen (2009); and Henie Onstad Art Centre (2009).