July-August 2011

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This time the Parallel Action will invade and inhabit Kunsthall Oslo and its firm placement in the midst of the riveting economic growth that is Bjørvika, Oslo – an attempt to de-stabilize our own impossible position as a hired-for-help megaphone of institutional and capitalist critique.

Issues concerning contemporary capitalism’s influence on radical tendencies in and around the art world – its subversion of alternative artistic strategies in socio-political endeavours displays the impossibility of maintaining autonomous projects based on the following points;


The flattening discourse within a variety of these so-called autonomous and radical movements refers to an economically assumed necessity that in turn creates a desert of the real – a mirage of an enemy continuously escaping definition. Even if these interactions predetermine our steps towards the very margin of our fictional realities – the essence of our past – it does not mean that the revolutionary project is anything more than a confirmation of the simulacrum that constitutes the mirror images of a political life in a world of doubles.

By boat we will attempt to escape the constraints of this situation daily. Kunsthall Oslo will be our harbour and the Oslofjord a realm of content yet to be discovered.

We represent the disabled arm of artistic production – a crew in constant mutiny. 
Real independence is in the aknowledgement of the dependency on forces outside ourselves.

Continents are shifting, buildings are crumbling, the movement of masses of bodies.
Last year somebody surfed a hospital off the Pacific coast.
Insurrections are in abundance. 
Guerillas killing gorillas.


Anders Dahl Monsen
Leander Djønne
Snorre Hvamen
Anders Smebye

Oslo, 26.04.11