Taku Unami, Masafumi Ezaki, Moe Kamura


Dans for voksne og Kunsthall Oslo presenterer
Taku Unami, Masafumi Ezaki, Moe Kamura

Konsert: Søndag 15. desember 2013 kl 20, gratis

Unami is a composer and improviser working with assorted stringed instruments, including the guitar, bandolin, and contraguitar, laptop and vibrating objects (from which he amplifies the inaudible vibrations). Despite being linked to minimal improvisation his music is hardly classifiable, being able to surprise listeners on every new release, raising unforeseen questions and trailing new paths for improvisation. He has active collaborations with Mattin, Taku Sugimoto and Masahiko Okura and is part of the group HOSE.

Moe Kamura and Masafumi Ezaki. Moe Kamura plays with shadows. Masafumi Ezaki is collecting stones.