Constance Tenvik 6th December 7pm


Kunsthall Oslo is pleased to present Scrambled Eggs, a new performance by Constance Tenvik.

SCRAMBLED EGGS – press release from Vanity Forest
…Greedier than ever, the eggsemplary Constance Tenvik is ready to combine her cumulative mind maps and her nerve wrecking performances for the first time in history. We’ve met the ever-expanding artist to discuss her upcoming event over breakfast, her favorite meal of the day. The table gets ornamented with eggs benedict, freshly squeezed grape fruit juice and bowls of blueberries…

Q: It’s interesting that you call those things mind maps because to me it seems like more of a disorientation, but perhaps that’s just as interesting, now that we all have a GPS in our pocket anyway. Have you seen the scene with egg paranoia in Pink Flamingos? And what will you be doing at Kunsthall Oslo on the 6th of December?

A: I’ll host a short show capsulated in mind maps. It’s like a stand up I said yes to and never dared to perform, a brain hat surrounded with planets, a pile of poetry, uncomposed melodies, a cut off native tounge, displaced notes from a five year old lecture on a computer screen, a duncan helmet… 

Q: A performance in other words…
A: Performance art can be like a capsule with fish oil or it can be some liquid fish oil in the corner. It’s easier to swallow a capsule.
Q: How does this relate to Sound Versus System?
A: I don’t know about system, but I can promise sound. Doors will open at 19.00 and the show will begin at 19.30 sharp, the sharpest part of the show, but it’s a one off and I’ve made a lot of props.

Constance Tenvik (born 1990) is currently a student at the Oslo National Academy of Art (KHiO) and previously studied fine art and theatre at Reinhardt University in Georgia, USA. Her recent performances include the solo Performance Marathon at Podium, Oslo and Witch Action at the Tournament d’Objet, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.