Sound Versus System: Heavy Viking Systems


Fredag 18.oktober kl20
Performance: Heavy Viking Systems
Christopher Hobbs, 1976, ca. 8 minutter, forkortet versjon
Fremført av Johanne Byhring og Daniel Paulsen på perkusjon.

Hør på opptak fra performancen her (mp3).

Heavy Viking Systems is a work by the English composer Christopher Hobbs, first performed by the Hobbs-White Duo. A pioneering work of UK systems music – music composed on algorithmic or conceptual rather than narrative or expressionist principles – it follows a numerical system, different for each player, that determines the gradual disintegration of the runs down and up the kit of varied instruments available to the performers. At the same time it presents itself as a rehearsal for an altogether more extreme performance, involving “the striking of suspended railway lines with heavy trees.” The performance at Kunsthall Oslo is of an abridged version of the score; a full performance of the original score would run to 25-30 minutes.

Christopher Hobbs is perhaps best known as a pioneer of systems music in the UK. He began publishing the seminal Experimental Music Catalogue in 1968 while studying at the Royal Academy of Music with Cornelius Cardew. He went on to be an early member of the legendary Scratch Orchestra. The Hobbs-White Duo emerged from the breakup of the Promenade Theatre Orchestra, of which he was a central member, in 1973. Hobbs continues to work as a composer, performer and teacher. He is recognised for his contribution to the understanding of the work of Erik Satie, as well as for his collaborative work with musicians and composers including Brian Eno, Michael Nyman and Keith Rowe among many others. He received his doctorate from De Montfort University and is currently a senior lecturer in Performing Arts at Coventry University.